In the interest of increased communication within the Glencadia Rod & Gun Club, I am sending this email of highlights from our May 1 meeting, as well as a list of upcoming events.  Please be advised that Yahoo Mail has a limitation on the number of people you can send an email to at the same time, so I have had to break the members into several groups.  Therefore, if you do not see a member's name on the distribution list, either I have not been provided an email for that member or the member is within one of the other email groups.  If you know of a member who does not receive my email communications, please have them send me their name and a valid email address.

Upcoming Glencadia Rod & Gun Club Events

    1.  3D Bow Shoot - Sunday, May 6 from 7:00am - 12:00pm
    2. Deadline to submit application for the Columbia County Sportsman's Federation Dick Nelson Scholarship
        - May 7 (see the Federation section under the Highlights below for a link)

    2. Work party for clean-up and filling potholes with Dennis Risch - Tuesday evening, May 8

    3. Clean-up day led by Tim Brorup - Saturday May 12 (corresponds with Town of Stuyvesant Trash Day)

    4. Directors Meeting - May 21 @ 7:00 pm

        a. Members who wish to provide input regarding the proposal to increase the maximum number of
            regular members to 225 are requested to attend this meeting.  The Directors will evaluate all input 
            from that meeting and develop a proposal to be presented at our June 5 general meeting.

    5. Sporting Clays League (establish averages for new shooters) - May 23 and May 30

    6. A Muzzleloader course for youths will be held at Kinderhook Sportsman's Club on June 2 from 9:00 am -

    7. Annual Golf Tournament - Monday, June 4

        a. Will meet at Club around 10:00am on Sunday, June 3 to put golf packages together, etc.

        b. Tee boxes ($60 each) are the big money maker for this event, so please contact Rich Gabriel at
            518-378-5876 for the tee box forms.

Highlights from our May 1, 2018 meeting:

5 Stand and Sporting Clays
    1. The 5 Stand League is up and running through May 16.

    2. A sign-up sheet was circulated for the Sporting Clays League, which will start on 5/23 for new shooters 
        to establish averages.  Please contact Tim Brorup at 518-755-5997 or for
        additional information.

Rifle Team

    1. The rifle team will have the last leg of their final indoor match of the season on Saturday, May 5.  The
        team did well on the first leg of their final indoor match held on April 28.

    2. Youth shoots are continuing on Mondays from 5:30-7:00 pm.
Bow League

    1. The League ended with a shoot-out between the first and second place teams and was won by Lou
        Jenning's first place team.  Scott Norton - highest average for the season;  Wally Engel - most improved.

    2. The first 3D Shoot of the year was held on April 8 and had 59 shooters attend.  The new targets are in,

Columbia County Sportsmen's Federation

    1.  Kathy Marchione and Didi Barrett are fighting the proposed Amtrak fencing, as it will impact boaters,
         hunters, striper fishermen, and water rescue by our local Fire and EMS personnel.  A letter will be sent
         from our Club to Kathy and Didi to vote NO on the fence.

    2. If you shoot a turkey which has lesions, please notify the Game Warden.

    3. The deadline to submit an application for the Dick Nelson Outdoor Sports Journalism Scholarship is
        May 7.  Information on this scholarship can be found at the following link:

Proposal to increase maximum regular members to 225

    1. Due to another robust discussion from the attending members, the motion has been tabled until our next

        NOTE:  Any member who wishes to provide input on the potential increase is requested to attend 
        our next Directors Meeting (May 21 at 7:00PM).  The Directors will evaluate all input from that
        meeting and develop a proposal to be presented at our June 5 general meeting.

New York State Senate Bill # A10428

     1. Can be found at the following link:

     2. Relates to the prohibition of shooting programs (guns, archery, trap) in schools.

         a. Dave Siter runs a trap league for youth throughout the state of New York, which includes 26 kids from
             Taconic Hills who shoot trap at the Philmont Rod & Gun Club.

         b. Letter to be sent to the state from our Club requesting them to vote NO on this bill.

Columbia-Greene Sportsmen's Club

     1. Glencadia R&GC will be receiving a grant in the amount of $4,000.

Request to purchase of a 4 wheel drive ATV for the Club

     1. Dennis Kinnicutt to provide cost of said ATV at our June 5 meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeannine L Muhn